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Our specialty is creating beautiful printed pieces utilizing this centuries-old method (letterpress as we know it all got it’s start with the invention of moveable type—remember Gutenberg ?). We love bringing this analog process into our digital world. Letterpress is a manual process, and we love cranking the press, rolling paper over ink and plates to press the design deep into the paper (and we love that this meeting point of in and paper is called the “kiss”). Each piece is touched by hand through every step of the process, ensuring quality control and extra care for your print work. To complement this striking print technique, we offer a variety of finishing techniques. Finishes such as foil stamping, embossing and blind debossing, edge painting, corner rounding, duplexing, and die cutting are all available to bring your piece to life.

Design Services

If you’ve got an idea, we can help bring it to life!

We have access to a talented team of designers who can help translate your vision. Whether you need a design refined or if you’re starting from scratch, we can help to get the artwork created and ready for press. From wedding invitations to business cards to stationery, we believe great design is crucial and should always come first. Once that design hits the press, we find that’s where the magic happens, there’s a spark that takes you from idea to action, and we see the beauty in what comes after.

Contact us at info@afterletterpress.com to discuss your project.

Glossary of Terms

Learn the lingo of letterpress!
  • Blind Debossing

    A relief technique in which the image is pressed into the paper without ink, creating a deep, yet subtle, impression.

  • Corner Rounding

    Just like it sounds! We cut square corners to blunt, rounded corners, for a softer look and feel.

  • Die Cutting

    The process of pressing a design, metal cutting die into paper in order to punch a decorative shape from the paper or to create the main shape of a printed piece. Dies can be customized to your specified design.

  • Duplexing

    Finishing technique by which two pieces of paper are adhered together to add thickness or to utilize multiple paper types within a single piece. Triplexing can be accomplished by adhering three pieces of paper together.

  • Edge Painting

    Finishing technique by paint is applied to the edge of a printed piece, providing an interesting detail with a subtle pop of color.

  • Embossing

    The process of creating a raised design on a paper. (Think about a diploma or certificate—you can run your fingers over the design and feel it raised upon the page.)

  • Foil Stamping

    The application of a colored or clear foil onto paper, leaving a slight impression in the shape of the die.

  • Kiss

    In letterpress, the kiss refers to the meeting of inked plates against paper. Traditionally, letterpress printers worked for a kiss impression—the light pressing of plate against paper. In many cases today, the letterpress technique involves a deeper, more tangible impression.

  • Letterpress

    Printing process by which a plate carrying a raised image is inked upon a printing press and then pressed into paper. Traditionally, printers worked to avoid the deep impression that defines letterpress today, but now, we find the deeper that crisp impression, the better!

  • Plate

    The plate carries a raised, reversed image of your design for creating and impression. The printing plate is inked upon the letterpress printer, and rollers press paper over the plate.

  • After

    The period of time following the receipt of your printed piece, once the beautiful design is pressed into paper. The time during which your vision turns to action. We work for the beauty in what comes After.

    (Also see: After Party )